FamilyTreeDNA SNP Packs

This page is dedicated to helping members figure out how to order an SNP Pack from FamilyTreeDNA when directed to by a project administrator. Sometimes, if only a basic STR test has been ordered, the predicted SNP branch point is not deep enough to warrant FamilyTreeDNA making the SNP Pack readily available. But the SNP Pack can still be ordered; you just have to override the system once you figure out how to order the pack in the first place.

SNP Packs are a nice option between single SNP value orders and BigY. NGS testing of the Y Chromosome. Single SNP values cost $40 each whereas BigY is $575 or more but returns 25,000+ SNP values. An SNP Pack is often priced at $100-120 and contains about 100 SNP’s at the indicated Haplogroup branch point and below. Often close to the current leaves of the phylogenetic tree. So SNP Packs are a great alternative to the hit or miss individual SNP testing and to use where a fellow STR tester you match already did ((BigY).

See our article Article on FamilyTreeDNA SNP Packs for general, initial information. Included in that article is a link to a spreadsheet capturing all the available SNP Packs. The referenced description of how to order the SNP Pack, especially when it is not being offered directly, is a bit obtuse. So here is a more direct step-by-step tutorial.

The steps are:
  1. Hit the Upgrade button (blue box) in the upper right above your name and kit number information box.
  2. On the Upgrade page, scroll down to see the box Advanced Tests that should appear on the left; hit the blue Buy Now button in that box
    (note: you have to have ordered an STR test and have the results in before you can order an Advanced Test)
  3. In the Filter box of the Advanced Tests page, select Test Type of SNP Pack from the drop down menu that pops up when you click on the entry field / down arrow icon. Then hit the Find button next to the menu box you just selected in the Filter box.
  4. You should now see a list of all available SNP Packs in the Marker box below the Filter box you just selected. Scroll down till you see your designated SNP Pack that the admin told you to order. Click on the Add underlined hot link next to that SNP Pack name.
  5. You should now see the specific SNP Pack in your Cart box at the top of this Advanced Tests Upgrade page. If not, remove it and go try selecting your appropriate SNP Pack again.
  6. Click on the Order Now button in that Cart box to get to the traditional pop-up Your Shopping Cart
  7. At this point, you likely will see a red warning across the top that reads something like:
    Kit XXXXXX does not meet the prerequisites for PPPPPPPP SNP Pack. The sample provided may not test positive for any of the SNPs in this panel. If it does not test positive, you will not be able to receive a refund. Do you still want to purchase this product?
    Confirm the SNP Pack that your admin asked you to order is listed there in the cart, and then click the blue Order PPPPPP SNP Pack button to proceed with the order.

And that is it. We should hopefully add some helpful screen shots or screen section captures soon to each bullet point above to make this even easier to follow.


  1. if you want the gory detail, the SNP Pack name under the Marker column in the Marker box is underlined and an active button. Click on the SNP Pack name and the list of SNPs in that pack will be inserted below. See if the terminal SNP for your group is listed as one of the markers. And if all the markers down your path to that terminal from the SNP Pack name are in the SNP list as well. Note that for many of the new SNPs, different companies have different names. FamilyTreeDNA and yFull have very different names for many novel and new tree leafs. It takes a bit of work to find each organizations definition for what the SNP name means and therefore if it is the same as one in the other organization. This is part of living on the “hairy edge” of the science as it is developing.
  2. While FamilyTreeDNA will use the result of the SNP Pack to annotate their phylogenetic tree for your more detailed result, the SNP Pack result is not enough to do a direct BigY comparison in the BigY match database inside FamilyTreeDNA. Nor is it enough to export the results into other phylogenetic tree efforts like yTree or yFull. If you want the benefit of these features, do the BigY test.