B13 DNA R1b-BY19092: Hoare of Northampton

HaplogroupCoordinatorDefining Ancestor
R1b-1a1a2a1a-2a (ISOGG 2016)
Branch SNP P312-DF27
Terminal SNP BY19092
David G Hoare
hoaredg AT btinternet DOT com
Faithful Hoare

There is a FamilyTreeDNA R1b-DF27 SNP Pack. R1b-DF27 covers all the branching from there down to the current terminal SNP. But this area of the phylogenetic tree is highly volatile with every tree source showing different branching. This SNP Pack is the most economical yDNA SNP test option if your yDNA STR values are matching strongly in this group and you wish to verify your SNP is also strongly matching. If your SNP Pack results match, you can simply tag along with the other BigY tests in this group and avoid ordering BigY yourself. These needs to be verified with someone doing this SNP Pack and comparing it to the multiple BigY results.

We have two tested members in this group who were currently weakly matching in STR values. More testers on more branches are required.

ySTR Modal

This group has very common marker values matching many in the European community. At 37 STR markers, members of this family branch match as close to each other as to many unrelated testers. 67 or 111 tested STR markers is a first step to get refinement into this group. But even 111 markers is not showing enough uniqueness. More that test BigY are needed to then use yFull extraction of the 400+ STR markers to see how to tag this group.

There is no publicly available display of marker comparison between branch members here. Members can view a subset in the original FamilyTreeDNA DNA Results Project page. Otherwise, the complete capture is behind member login in a spreadsheet.

The members of this group all trace their ancestors back to Northamptonshire, England.

The specification of your STR test results (marker values) is termed your Haplotype. The difference between two peoples marker values is termed the Genetic Distance. This is not to be confused with Haplogroups obtained by the SNP values found in yDNA and mtDNA.

ySNP Haplogroup

yTree.net BY2285

Capture of yTree R1b-BY2285 on 28 Aug 2017 for B13DNA page
yFull.com BY2285

yfull.com R1b-BY2285 capture on 28 Aug 2017 for B13DNA

Capture of FamilyTreeDNA R1b-BY2285 on 28 Aug 2017 for B13DNA page
This group is in the R1b-DF27 subclade. Specifically the R1b-BY19092 terminal as of Summer 2017, so named by FTDNA and based on a single tester in this group. Everything below R1b-DF27 is in flux. In fact, it is only recently being flushed out due to NGS testing. There are many, many parallel branches just below R1b-DF27 and there is a strong correlation of the STR values of all R1b-DF27 members as well. Deep SNP and STR testing is required to differentiate genealogical time frame family branches in this group.

The first chart shown here is the ytree.net R1b-BY2285 subclade in its entirety as of Aug 2017. The second chart is the yfull.com R1b-BY2285 subclade of the same time. Each of these sites requires the tester to individually submit to be included. One member is in both. The third chart is the FamilyTreeDNA yTree for subclade R1b-BY2285 (this is not visible to non-users nor has a specific link to it).

As of Fall 2016, there are two additional testers who also reside in the original R1b-Y5072 / Y5058* terminal sub-clade on FamilyTreeDNA (and now also appearing on yTree.net but are not part of our surname project nor share the surname nor STR values. Interestingly, the surname project they are part of (Hankins) has 50 members with virtually all tracing back to a single ancestor in the early 1700’s America. But as the STR values are not matching, this is likely not an NPE event branching from the family here. Only a single member has done deep SNP testing (BigY). When more do NGS testing, we will likely see a unique, new branch for this family line away from Hankins. (As of Aug 2017, a second member has ordered BigY. We anxiously await the results.)

R1b-DF27 is below R1b-P312 and parallel to R1b-U152; which are described in the Haplogroup R1b-P312 parent page. By the older, YCC long-form “string” designation still used in ISOGG’s yDNA phylogenetic tree of 2016, R1b-DF27 is known as 2a further below R1b-P312(2016) and is a terminal. In the new YCC SNP designation terminology, the path down from R1b-P312 is P312 > DF27. This is ISOGG’s path designation and not the newer ytree.net which has some additional branch points below R1b-P312 before reaching R1b-DF27. Specifically, ytree.net as of Fall 2016 has the path from R1b-P312 to the terminal R1b-Y5072 as P312 > Z40481 > ZZ11 > DF27 > ZZ12 > ZZ19 > Z31644 > Z42772 > BY2285 > Y5072. All the Z SNP’s shown in this path are missing from yfull.com and many from FTDNA.

Autosomal sub-branch study groups

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